Dog Powered Vehicles are Alternative Modes of Transportation. Print
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Saturday, 07 July 2007 04:54

Dogs have served as transportation throughout domestication. We are familiar with the dog teams of the north. Remember also the milk dogs of Switzerland, the war dogs of World War I and the travois dogs of the plains Indians. Now with scooters, sulkies, roller blades, skiis, and kicksleds, dogs are pulling for recreation and exercise. Some dogs are pulling for work. Some people hitch a trailer to their scooter and pull their child while riding the scooter. My rottweiler pulls the laundry to the laundromat and delivers the boxed Torker scooter to UPS for shipping. A woman in Florida gave up her car and does her errands by dogs and scooter. Another woman drives her sulky to work. When she needs to carry stuff, she hooks a cart behind the sulky.

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